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The Weekend Woodworker is an online woodworking course hosted by Steve Ramsey.


The first supper

Toward the back of our garden, just before the newly build workshop, we have a beautiful pergola that is intertwined with a wisteria tree. This provides cover to a patio area which is prime...


The Weekend Woodworker course review

As anyone that follows this blog knows, I’ve slowly been working my way though the Weekend Woodworker course by Steve Ramsey. I found the course enlightening and educational, as well as entertaining, so when...


Patio Table Build

(A second real photo as the feature image – this can’t be right?) Another weekend, and another woodworking project – this time, the California Casual Patio Table. This is the first official project on...


I built a workbench

This weekend I completed the first project from the Weekend Woodworker course by Steve Ramsey, and I’m actually proud enough of it that I’m going to use it as the feature image for this...


Wood you believe it?

(I already hate myself for that title) I’m not sure at what point I’m going to be able to legitimately call myself a woodworker, but I became one step closer to that point today...


I’m starting to learn woodworking

For a craft where the principle material literally grows on trees, it’s surprising just how expensive it is to get started in woodworking. I’ve had an interest in learning woodworking for the past 2...