Are Aldi Workzone and Ferrex tools any good?

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  1. Peter Gore says:

    ferrex are an Austrian compoany and according to their web site have been around for over a 100 years

    • B.R. says:

      “FERREX” is a home brand (or own brand?) of Aldi for power tools and accessories. The two main suppliers for the brand are “Walter Werkzeuge” in Salzburg, Austria (the one you are refering to) and “Conmetall Meister” in Celle, Germany (a subsidary of Würth Group), among others. The manufacturers are usually in China and the tools are often just rebranded existing tools or slightly modified versions (e.g. for the Active Energy common battery system).
      I live in Salzburg and visit the outlet store of Walter Werkzeuge on occasion, as they often sell returns, product samples or tools that are only for sale at Aldi or Lidl in the UK at reduced prices.

  2. Robert Meredith says:

    Hi just bought a vertex multi tool from Aldi,but can’t find any replacement blades that will fit any ideas ?

    • Daniel says:

      My multitool is also from Aldi. To be honest, I’ve not needed to find any replacements myself, yet, but I would have assumed it was a standard fit? If not, then you’ll probably need to wait for Aldi to get some more blades in stock, or have a look on eBay.

  3. Dave M says:

    Yeah, means nothing- everything built to a price. . 3rd tool now with switch issues

  4. i purchased the FERREX metal bandsaw online and could not be more happy with it the blades can be ordered online if you are prepared to wait
    Its even cut 4inch CDS tubing with no issues if you take the time to set it up and keep it lubricated this will last years the added bonus for me
    is the LED work light is bright and how quite it is when running

  5. Tony Wayne says:

    The user manual with my bench drill (Ferrex) has Einhell in the ‘declaration of conformity’ at the rear of the book.
    I have heard of Einhell but no idea how good they are supposed to be.

  6. Thomas Robertshaw says:

    Bought a 5 in one multi garden tool. the clutch wont engage the drive. unfortunately cant find the receipt so cant go back to the store. cant contact the help company by phone . nobody answers. in a queu on the website for help but nobody replies.
    lesson learnt. 1 keep receipts. 2 buy quality tools and buy cut out the angst

  7. Osman says:

    That review must be fake.. These tools are garbage. The brushes go after no time. B an q own brand is much better. The three year warranty is a Roose.. Don’t waste ya money

    • Prima troep says:

      Not true, go ask for a warranty after 13 months with DeWalt, Makita,Festool etc.
      I have box of useless power tools bought altogether for around €2500 at least and no Lidl,also etc tools. Why, because i can afford throwing away €50 but not €900 Festool. Don’t use tools what they aren’t meant for, good to drive 35mm screws a 1000 times in but 10cm 6mil ones

  8. Martin says:

    Ive never had a problem with any Aldis power tools

  9. Mccann says:

    Buy cheap buy twice

  10. Stephen Bailey says:

    the only bad thing i have ever bought at Aldi is a Ferrex 3300w Garden Blower/Vacuum..It works well but a very dangerous imp. lement when vaccing up leaves picked a small pebble up and when it hit the fan there was a very loud bang and the pebble shot thru the casing at a very high velocity. Had someone maybe a child close by it could have been fatal. Aldi re placed the blower and the same thing happened this week. I do not think this garden blower is safe to use and ferrex should be taken to task. Idid report this incident to Ferrex and they replied when it is returned to them from Aldi a report would be made.

    • Mojo Jojo says:

      Why you would report to Ferrex, who would just recall it from sale in stores and nothing more is beyond me.
      Trading standards is the place to report such dangerous products being sold in the UK, if it was deemed unsafe, then Aldi would have to issue a recall for all units sold that have the discovered defect.

  11. Matt says:

    Don’t buy cheap tools. Here’s why 1. Buy cheap, buy twice. 2. A good tool will last a lifetime. 3. Tools that are looked after don’t lose much value. 4. Waste – the environment suffers from all this cheap Chinese cra that breaks and gets thrown away!

  12. Dave Sarvent says:

    workzone tools or now under the name Worx are cheap tools ,for occasional use,definitely wont stand the rigors of Tradesmen use Bought many tools over years TILL NOW cordless drill ,charger broke,to get full 3 yr warranty every tool must be registered online ,otherwise its 2 yr warranty!! I have been in dispute with Worx since March 2020 returned my drill ,promised a replacement as mine was out of production ,accepted,SILENCE,got back in touch no record of claim ,went thru it all again SILENCE ,Emailed again Different Dept ,told not entitled to replacement only have refund ,6month on still waiting NOW they seem to have changed Email Address so as now cannot get in touch -ON GOING ……Buyer Beware ….Buy from reputable company NOT A VEG SHOP

  13. doony says:

    I`mm thinking of purchaceing a ferrex bench grinder but cant see what R P M it does

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