Are Aldi Workzone and Ferrex tools any good?

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5 Responses

  1. Peter Gore says:

    ferrex are an Austrian compoany and according to their web site have been around for over a 100 years

    • B.R. says:

      “FERREX” is a home brand (or own brand?) of Aldi for power tools and accessories. The two main suppliers for the brand are “Walter Werkzeuge” in Salzburg, Austria (the one you are refering to) and “Conmetall Meister” in Celle, Germany (a subsidary of Würth Group), among others. The manufacturers are usually in China and the tools are often just rebranded existing tools or slightly modified versions (e.g. for the Active Energy common battery system).
      I live in Salzburg and visit the outlet store of Walter Werkzeuge on occasion, as they often sell returns, product samples or tools that are only for sale at Aldi or Lidl in the UK at reduced prices.

  2. Robert Meredith says:

    Hi just bought a vertex multi tool from Aldi,but can’t find any replacement blades that will fit any ideas ?

    • Daniel says:

      My multitool is also from Aldi. To be honest, I’ve not needed to find any replacements myself, yet, but I would have assumed it was a standard fit? If not, then you’ll probably need to wait for Aldi to get some more blades in stock, or have a look on eBay.

  3. Dave M says:

    Yeah, means nothing- everything built to a price. . 3rd tool now with switch issues

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