It’s like rayeeyaaaaaaain, on your wedding day

Maybe not rain, but there’s certainly no sun today, and that makes testing my solar panel challenging.

That said, I’m now (fairly) confident that the battery is receiving a charge, as the multimeter is showing positive values. During the brief moments of sunlight breaking through the clouds, the value has been as high as 1.4, and I’ve not seen it drop below 0.1. I’m guessing on a really sunny day these values will be far higher.

The charge controller has a PV LED on it, which I’ve now come to realise shows if power is being received from the panel. It also has battery LEDs which show if it’s overlow, normal or full. It was showing overlow during the phone charge experiment yesterday and has shown normal the rest of the time. I’m hoping that I’ll see the full LED light up at some point, but I’m going to need some better weather else it’s going to take a very long time to happen.

Anyway, I’m now at a juncture and need to make a decision. Do I continue on to project 2 and learn how to manually charge the battery using a bicycle (perfect for days without the sun like today), or skip forward to project 3 and rig up some lights?

I do plan on completing all the projects in the book, but I think I might enjoy being able to use power in at least one project before I go back to learning how to generate it. That, and project 3 is going to cost less than project 2, meaning I can do is quicker.

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