Prime day was eventful, for all the wrong reasons

The 12th July was Prime Day, Amazon’s answer to the blue cross sale.

This is relevant, as I was saving my money for this special day, planning to use it as an opportunity to get the items needed for some of the upcoming projects.

Instead, due to a lack of discounts on the aforementioned items, but plenty on other desirables, my money went elsewhere. Specifically, I got a Huawei W1 Android watch (which is excellent), a leather bag (which isn’t), and some other odds and sods (such as a 3.5” LCD screen for Raspberry Pi – which I’ve not even tried yet).

This somewhat put the kibosh on my plans, as I could no longer afford what I needed for the projects, and instead spent the rest of the month sitting quietly staring at my watch.

Thankfully, payday has since come and gone, and with it, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to buy the following goodies:

This lot set me back £35.14, and (together with some bits I already have) will allow me to complete Project 3: LED Lighting, Project 4: Battery Monitor, and Project 6: PIR Zombie Detector, so keep an eye out for them in the next couple of weeks.

The only other thing worth mentioning is my charge controller has broken. This makes me want to get the battery monitor up and running, so I can see how much power my battery has left, but makes me realise that relying on solar power for the remainder of the projects isn’t practical, so I’m going to invest it a mains charger instead.

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