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Daniel Hollands
What I’m Doing to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Wood you believe it?

3rd August 2018 Workshop
Wood you believe it?

(I already hate myself for that title)

I’m not sure at what point I’m going to be able to legitimately call myself a woodworker, but I became one step closer to that point today as I’ve finally cut some wood in anger.

Sure, as soon as I got my brand new power tools I tested each of them out – but it’s one thing to cut random bits of firewood off the wooden shelving unit that exploded into mould because your basement is far too damp – and something else entirely to get out a tape measure, square, and a guide clamp, and actually cut some wood with purpose.

But lets rewind a little bit.

When last we spoke I’d ordered the power tools I needed for the projects, but as pretty much the entire month of July was pre-booked with BBQs and other such weekend plans (and because the limit on my credit card was dangerously close), I figured there was no point in buying the remaining supplies and lumber needed for the projects until I had a firm idea of when I’d be able to complete them.

Since then I’ve negioated with my girlfriend, and managed to reserved three weekends (one in August, two in September) for woodworking purposes. So fast forward to yesterday, with it being a new month (and more importantly, with some of the debt from my credit card having been paid) I decided it was time to order the last few remaining bits for the project, including:

  • a panel of 2440 x 1220 x 18 mm plywood
  • 6 lengths of 50 x 100 x 2400 mm board (aka 2x4s)
  • 5 lengths of 25 x 50 x 2400 mm board (aka 1x2s)
  • 12 lengths of 25 x 75 x 2400 mm board (aka 1x3s)

…which, must to my surprise, arrived today.

Unfortunately the 2x4s got picked incorrectly, meaning I received some 1x4s instead, but a quick phone call got that resolved, with the correct size being delivered on Tuesday.

The boards fit in my shed without issue, but the plywood panel was just too big, so I decided it was time to put my circular saw to good use, and cut it down to size.

Using a clamping straight edge, carpenters square, a couple of workbenches, and a tape measure, along with my circular saw, I was able to cut a straight line. It wasn’t a square cut, but it was a straight one.

I repeated the process a second time, and ended up with three pieces – two of them will be laminated together (one glued on top of the other, leaving something that’s twice as thick) and will act at the workbench surface, and the third will be further cut into shelves.

I think the most important lesson I’ve learned from this, via the aforementioned mistake, is to measure everything twice before you cut, and to take full advantage of the carpenters square – don’t just assume the straight edge clamp is square, always check and double check.

Anyway, My first weekend is in two weeks time, so look forward to an update then.

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