Bringing the Future into the Present

It was around 6:58pm when I stood up. The room only had eight people in it, but they are all looking at me, expectantly. Fuelled by the pint of stout I’d just polished off, I begun to talk.

When I’m not building websites or playing with wood, I run a local meetup group called Worcester Source. On the 4th Wednesday of each month, the members of the group gather at The Paul Pry pub, and after eating some pizza and drinking some beer, they stop and listen to a presentation given by a speaker on a technical subject of interest.

Generally, the speaker in question is a guest from a neighbouring community or a developer evangelist from this or that company, and they talk about some interesting piece of technology or maybe a new tool that has hit the market – but on this dark February night there was no guest, there was only me – and I was about to present a talk on achieving your goals.

I gave the talk, and received lots of positive feedback, so I wanted to share it here.

The slides for the talk are available here, with the speaker notes acting as my script. You can navigate the slides by clicking the down arrow each time it’s shown, then clicking the right arrow when you reach the bottom.

I hope you enjoy the presentation, even if you didn’t get to see my present it live. If you’re interested, you can read the post that inspired the talk here.

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